COL Movies: Now In Development

COL Movies will have 3-4 hosts and feature 3 main sections:

  • The Past: A movie currently available for rental.  These are predetermined before the next show begins.
  • The Present: A movie that has just been released in the theaters. The movie could have been just released or been out for a couple of weeks but no more than a month.
  • The Future: A movie who’s trailer was just released or we have some news about.

The Past and Present section will each contain a summary of the reviewed movie and notes about what happened in the movie beyond the summary.

Recording: All hosts will be required to have Skype and at least a headset if not a mic and headphones or earbuds.  Speaking through a webcam mic or on board computer mic will not be acceptable.

Album Artwork:  This is pretty open with the option of representing “The Past, The Present, and The Future” in some way or just film in General.  A high quality 1:1 image is necessary for album artwork.  Suggested size has been 300×300 in either PNG or JPEG format.  Higher resolution is welcome and we can always shrink the size.   This artwork may be requested to be available for use as artwork on the website as well.

Theme Music: This is pretty open.  We’re looking for more instrumental but depending on the music, vocals could be nice.  Representation about “The Past, The Present, and The Future” is not required at all for this.  Mashups could also be used.   Tracks should have 3-4 versions for length.  5-15 second short, 15-30 second Medium, 30-45 second long, and 55-70 second full.  These lengths should be similar to sets included with Garageband.

Jingles:  A request is open for segment jingles.  Jingles should be short from a 2 second stinger to 8 second melody.  Each one should represent the corresponding theme of Past, Present or Future.

Additional music: During the segment summaries, we would like to have some sort of instrumental music in the background.  This we’re specifically looking for something mellow but fast enough that speaking quickly a list over it doesn’t sound weird.

Website theme: COL Movies will be using WordPress as its blogging platform at  Any wordpress themes would be appreciated, especially if we can incorporate Album Artwork based images.

All submissions and hosting interest should be sent to