MOV003: “No Time For The Old In-Out, Love”

News about a new TMNT movie, Dennis Hopper has died, Darnell writes in, A Clockwork Orange, Prince of Persia, and The Expendables.


Hey guys,
Great show. I was so excited to hear how much you guys liked Rope. Rope is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. My other favorite is Rear Window with Grace Kelly. The gay subtext in Rope is so awesome especially when putting the movie in an historical context it was so before its time. I also agree it seemed like Philip and Brandon were going to kiss at any minute…lol
On to the present regarding Iron Man 2 I have to agree the middle did lag a little for me, but for a mindless summer blockbuster it was just ok.
Finally the future…WOW that trailer is out of sight. I have no idea what is about to happen but I know that whatever it is I want to see it.
Keep up the great work guys. The transitions were definitely tighter this time around. Also on a side note I would love to hear a discussion on what your takes are on the state of gay cinema and where you see gay films in 20 years. To be clear when I refer to gay films I mean films whose main protagonist and/or antagonist is gay/bi/trans


The Past: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Staring:Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Warren Clarke, John Clive


  • Alex performing “Singing in the Rain” as he attacks the writer and his wife was not scripted. Stanley Kubrick spent four days experimenting with this scene, finding it too conventional. Eventually he approached Malcolm McDowell and asked him if he could dance. They tried the scene again, this time with McDowell dancing and singing the only song he could remember. Kubrick was so amused that he swiftly bought the rights to “Singing in the Rain” for $10,000.
  • One of only two movies rated X on its original release (the other being Midnight Cowboy (1969)) to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
  • Julian The muscle bound body guard in hot pants of Mr Alexander would later don a black helmet cape and suit to play the physical portion of Darth Vader in 1977’s Star Wars. “David Prowse”
  • The Soundtrack was composed by Wendy Carlos, who would also score the movie “Tron” Wendy was born in 1939 as Walter Carlos and underwent SRS in 1972
  • Tim Curry & Jeremy Irons were both offered Alex – but when it came down to the offer to Malcolm McDowell (Linderman from Heroes!), Kubrick said he would not make the film if he didn’t take it.
  • Talk about a glutton for punishment…Malcolm McDowell was almost drowned when an underwater breathing mechanism stopped working in the police scene, he had his cornea scratched which left him temporarily blinded, as well as he cracked ribs in the fight scene on the stage. Not to mention, Kubrick found out he was afraid of snakes, so he put in the scenes with the snake!
  • There are a couple nods to other Kubrick films – the 2001 Space Odessy homage with the soundtrack available for purchase in the music store scene & the wall painting in the Milk Bar was also in the Shining


The Present: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Director: Mike Newell

Staring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, Steve Toussaint


  • The third highest opening for a video game adaptation, behind Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Pokémon: The First Movie.
  • Director Mike Newell stated that, as he has known ‘Jake Gyllenhall’ since Jake was 7 years old, he always wanted Jake for the part. He went on to say that he selected Gemma Arterton because of “how very old seeing the back of her beautiful neck” made him feel.(CREEPY!)
  • The other lady that was considered for the part that went to Gemma Aeterton, was detained by Iranian police and not allowed to leave to do the movie because she had stared in “Body of Lies”

What We’ve Learned:
There’s always something lurking under the sand – whether it’s a snake, a hole, or the steps that will get you to an important location; Parkour isn’t something new…it’s been around since Persia; Whips are apparently en vouge…as this is the second movie we’ve reviewed with really cool whips in them


The Future: The Expendables


  • Sylvester Stallone broke his neck in a fight scene with Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Jean Claude Van Dam was originally offered Dolph Lundgren’s part, but turned it down. It worked out because Stallone originally wrote the role with Dolph in mind
  • For Dexter fans, there are several connections – David Zayas (Sgt Batista on Dexter) plays the bad guy & Julie Benz (Dexter’s wife) talked Charisma Carpenter into auditioning for the role she has in the movie – because they worked together on Buffy & Angel (Darla & Cordelia)

Talking Points:

  • Mickey Rourke looks like the same character…again!
  • Should appeal to a wide audience because of the plethora of action movies stars from different eras and countries


Coming Attractions:

The Past: Bent
The Present: Killers
The Future: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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MOV002: “Sir, I’m Going To Have To Ask You To Exit The Doughnut.”

Our hosts discuss Rope, Iron Man 2, and the Super8 Trailer as well as news featuring Transformers 4, and Indiana Jones 4, and Jeff’s mind is blow by something people didn’t know about Back To The Future.

Hosts: Jeff, Ray, Steve


The Past: Rope

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Staring: Jimmy Stewart, Jon Dall, Farley Granger.


  • Story was very loosely based on the real-life murder committed by University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, which was also the (fictionalized) subject of Compulsion (1959) and Swoon (1992).
  • The film was shot in ten takes, ranging from four-and-a-half to just over ten minutes (the maximum amount of film that a camera magazine or projector reel could hold) duration. At the end of the takes, the film alternates between having the camera zoom into a dark object, totally blacking out the lens/screen, and making a conventional cut. However, the second edit, ostensibly one of the conventional ones, was clearly staged and shot to block the camera, but the all-black frames were left out of the final print. Most of the props, and even some of the apartment set’s walls, were on casters and the crew had to wheel them out of the way and back into position as the camera moved around the set.
  • Since the filming times were so long, everybody on the set tried their best to avoid any mistakes. At one point in the movie, the camera dolly ran over and broke a cameraman’s foot, but to keep filming, he was gagged and dragged off. Another time, a woman puts her glass down but misses the table. A stagehand had to rush up and catch it before the glass hit the ground. Both parts are used in the final cut.
  • The Screenwriter never intended for the murder to be actually seen on screen, thus increasing the tension by making the audience themselves wonder if there indeed was a body in the chest. Hitchcock added the scene after the screenplay was written.

Talking Points: The gay couple in old films

What We’ve Learned: A Simple Rope is all you need to commit the perfect murder. After committing the perfect murder, never put the body in a chest in the room you’re having a dinner party in. Do not get enthusiastic about murder right after you have just committed one. Do not try disposing the murder weapon by using it to tie up books you’re giving to the victims father. Never invite the guy who inspired your murder to the party you’re giving right after the murder. You should probably kill your accomplice, who you may or may not have had a homosexual relationship with. And…”choking the chicken” jokes are not appropriate in mixed company.


The Present: Iron Man 2

Director: Jon Favreau

Staring: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, John Favreau as Happy

Trivia: Emily Blunt was set to star as Black Widow but had to pull out due scheduling conflicts with her movie Gulliver’s Travels (2010). Before Scarlett Johansson replaced Emily Blunt as Black Widow. Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie were considered

Talking Points: Robert Downey Jr. Looking very short

What We’ve Learned: Palatium is not a good material to use as the core of your miniaturized arch reactor that is keeping you alive. Whips powered by a miniature reactor core are awesome. Girls who can kick big guys asses are always cool! Mickey Rourke is damn scary. Never take your protective mask off while you’re in the middle of a fight. And . . . Giving an evil physicist hell bent on revenge complete access to your computers and advanced weaponry is never a good idea.


The Future: Super 8

Movie Trailer: JJ Abrams’ Super 8
JJ Abrams’ Secret Super 8 Movie Is Not A Cloverfield Sequel


Coming Attractions:

  • The Past: A Clockwork Orange
  • The Present: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • The Future: The Expendables

MOV001: Citizen Kane, Kick Ass, Tron Legacy

The inaugural episode of COL Movies is out and Jeff, Fuzz, and Steve chat about Citizen Kane, Kick Ass, and the Tron Legacy Trailer.

News: Red Dawn Remake, You Again, MacGruber

The Past: Citizen Kane

The Present: Kick Ass

The Future: Tron Legacy Trailer

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COL Movies: Now In Development

COL Movies will have 3-4 hosts and feature 3 main sections:

  • The Past: A movie currently available for rental.  These are predetermined before the next show begins.
  • The Present: A movie that has just been released in the theaters. The movie could have been just released or been out for a couple of weeks but no more than a month.
  • The Future: A movie who’s trailer was just released or we have some news about.

The Past and Present section will each contain a summary of the reviewed movie and notes about what happened in the movie beyond the summary.

Recording: All hosts will be required to have Skype and at least a headset if not a mic and headphones or earbuds.  Speaking through a webcam mic or on board computer mic will not be acceptable.

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